Personal Protective Equipment

Husqvarna’s range of protective clothing and equipment is designed with the same craftsmanship and attention to details as our tools. And because we make the machines you’re using, we know exactly how to make the clothing and equipment that helps you use them best.

Our personal protective equipment will keep you safe and ready for tough challenges. Because ultimately it's not about how safe you want to be, but what you want to achieve.

Personal Protective Equipment


  • Classic
    <p>The Husqvarna Classic range is intended for occasional use and is designed with the domestic user in mind at an affordable cost. Reliable, affordable and especially suitable for occasional chainsaw users. High protection provides confidence for the user when working.</p> <p>It offers the highest quality and reliability you expect from Husqvarna. Ideal for lighter tasks such as cutting firewood, felling smaller trees, general property maintenance, pruning and carpentry work.</p>
  • Functional
    <p>The Husqvarna Functional work wear has protection and is an excellent choice for everyday work around the farm or estate. The Functional wear is made of durable material that meets the requirements for frequent use in more demanding conditions.</p> <p>Tough, resistant fabrics, effective ventilations and smart design features help you handle any task at hand.</p>
  • Technical
    <p>The Husqvarna Technical series is a range of clothing that provides high protection all day every day for professional users, while still allowing you to carry out work comfortably. It’s designed to be light, strong, flexible and ideal for use in the forest.</p> <p>Task-optimised design meets modern styling, while tough, light stretch fabrics, reinforced panels and pre-bent knees and elbows offer high resistance, durability and performance.</p>
  • Technical Extreme
    <p>Husqvarna Technical Extreme is our ultimate range of protective clothing. If you have exceptionally high demands, our Technical Extreme range is perfect for you. It consists of work wear for professional use, made from strong material with a slim but very comfortable fit.</p> <p>The material, together with the water repellent zippers, makes it suitable for hard work, when both safety and comfort is essential.</p>
  • Footwear
    <p>Good work boots mean a lot when you’re facing a long day’s work. We offer a comprehensive range of comfortable foot protection, made from high-quality materials, that will stand up to the many challenges of outdoor work.</p>
  • Work Gloves
    <p>Whether you need chainsaw gloves or a pair of simple gardening gloves, Husqvarna has a range of suitable gloves made with materials that ensure maximum comfort and durability.</p>
  • Head, Face & Ear...
    <p>Husqvarna's protective gear is designed with the same craftsmanship and attention to detail as our tools. The head is one of the most vulnerable parts of the body, that's why when working with powerful gardening equipment it is important to wear a safety helmet. Husqvarna offers a range of protective helmets for both professionals and domestic users.</p> <p>Professional foresters aren't strangers to high noise levels. Husqvarna hearing protection gear comes in several versions, with a padded headband, FM radio and with or without a visor. Visors, glasses or goggles - there are many ways to protect your eyes. We know what's needed and offer you a complete range of eye protection for every possible requirement.</p>

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