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SIP are specialists in Welding and Compressed Air products. Their collections cover the whole spectrum of requirements - from light trade to heavy-duty industrial use. Backed with over 49 years of experience in the market, SIP is dedicated to making sure the correct model is selected for the job, and getting the very best from each machine.

Today, the SIP catalogue includes Welding, Metalwork, Air Compressors & Air Tools, Battery Chargers & Starters, Booster Packs, Automotive, Heaters, Generators, Lighting, Pressure Washers, Pumps and Woodworking. Carefully selected, all our collections offer the SIP promise of quality, value and choice.

SIP Industrial


  • Log Splitting
    <p>Effortlessly split logs safely and accurately with our brand new SIP Log Splitters. Powerful yet compact, SIP Log Splitters are available with 5-tonne and 7-tonne capacities. Both models are complete with large handle and wheels for easy maneuverability.</p>
  • Air
    <p>Our compressor range has models designed for small workshops and garage operations, through to powerful and reliable professional models, right up to industrial-grade units suitable for demanding applications. The complementary Air Tools range is perfectly designed to extract maximum performance and covers virtually every operation, with models available for all levels of use.</p>
  • Welding
    <p>SIP are constantly researching and developing new technologies to add into their comprehensive welding collection. SIP units are modern, up-to-date and state-of-the-art welding machines. Lightweight, powerful, flexible, feature-rich, easy-to-use; the SIP range features units that meet just about any welding need, and saves you from buying multiple machines elsewhere. Great for construction, agriculture, mobile maintenance, automotive and more!</p>
  • Generators
    <p>SIP's range of generators has models designed for small garage, workshop and other trade operations, through to powerful and reliable professional models suitable for larger scale industrial applications. All generators in this collection are built for rugged and prolonged heavy-duty performance, and to keep a high degree of efficiency and long service life.</p>
  • Charging & Starting
    <p>The SIP collection of Starting &amp; Charging equipment goes hand-in-hand with other collections on the SIP roster, such as the large range of automotive shop and lifting equipment, and the brand new Winntec by SIP premium automotive range - both of which are capable of looking after vehicles, fleets and more.</p> <p>SIP Industrial Products' collection of Starters, Chargers &amp; Boosters includes equipment for all levels of use. From trade battery chargers - perfect for domestic or small garage use - right through to heavy-duty Italian manufactured professional and industrial-grade starters and chargers, capable of multiple charging and a host of other applications. Suitable for use in garages and workshops, plus on-site work, mobile maintenance and recovery tasks.</p>
  • Water Pumps
    <p>This selection includes a superb range of electric submersible, electric or petrol surface pumps and our new diesel powered surface mounted pumps for all domestic and commercial water pumping needs across various applications.</p>
  • Jacking & Lifting
    <p>SIP Industrial Products has a large range of automotive shop and lifting equipment suitable for garages, workshops, mobile maintenance, roadside recovery, and general repair. All items are constructed with the highest quality materials, making them extraordinarily heavy-duty.</p> <p>A selection of trolley, air and bottle jacks are available which cover both everyday cars and larger commercial vehicles.</p>
  • Pressure Washers
    <p>SIP Industrial Products offer an extensive range of electric, petrol-powered and gearbox-driven pressure washers designed for light and trade use right through to powerful, heavy-duty machines built for industrial-grade applications.</p> <p>A considerable amount of SIP petrol-powered pressure washer units are constructed with ultra-reliable and heavy-duty Honda™ or Kohler® engines, providing even more flexibility and power wherever you need it. </p>
  • Heating
    <p>Choose from a collection of powerful and rugged diesel/paraffin heaters - available in trade and professional Italian-made models - as well as propane space heaters, various infrared heaters, and fan heaters, all of which are ideal for trade and smaller commercial applications. For larger professional and industrial applications, there is a range of universal waste oil heaters to choose from, boasting high efficiency and flexibility as well as being virtually soot-free.</p>
  • Workshop
    <p>SIP Bench Grinders are designed for heavy-duty use in a variety of different applications. Split into two separate lines, our bench grinders are suitable for both trade and professional use, with some models boasting wet and dry grinding capabilities.</p>

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