Husqvarna tools for forests, parks and gardens are born from a unique relationship between man and machine – between our company and the people who use our equipment to shape nature every day, and who need serious kit to do serious work.

When the going gets tough, Husqvarna tools are tougher. When work gets hard, they’re lighter, more comfortable to handle and easier to use. When you need to reach high, we’ll help you aim higher. Our job is to help you get whatever you need doing done quicker, more easily and more safely than ever.



  • Mowing
    <p>Looking for that perfect lawn? Keeping your lawn healthy can be a lot of hard work. So get the job done no matter what with one of our Robotic Lawn Mowers, Riders, Zero-Turn Mowers, Garden Tractors, Lawn Mowers or Commercial Front Mowers.</p> <p>With a mower from Husqvarna you can rely on getting excellent results with less effort, even though the terrain means varying complexity and steep slopes.</p>
  • Trimming & Clearing
    <p>Trimming and clearing can be tough, lengthy jobs that demand endurance from both machine and operator. This is why our brushcutters, trimmers and clearing saws combine power and extreme durability with low weight. They are designed to be easy to handle and to deliver results you can be proud of.</p>
  • Personal Protective...
    <p>Husqvarna’s range of protective clothing and equipment is designed with the same craftsmanship and attention to details as our tools. And because we make the machines you’re using, we know exactly how to make the clothing and equipment that helps you use them best.</p> <p>Our personal protective equipment will keep you safe and ready for tough challenges. Because ultimately it's not about how safe you want to be, but what you want to achieve.</p>
  • Parts & Accessories
    <p>Get genuine force with original accessories. Select a category to find the right original parts and accessories for your machine or tool.</p>
  • Cutting
    <p>Our product development never stops, and neither does our collaboration with the professional forestry workers who work with our machines. This is how we create chainsaws that help you work longer, producing less vibrations for less fatigue, and equipped with features that deliver high levels of safety. Every model gives you the power, performance and design excellence you expect from Husqvarna.</p> <p>Husqvarna power cutters are well-known for their high productivity and reliable operation. For best cutting performance, choose a product from our Husqvarna Cutting range.</p>
  • Forestry Tools
    <p>Forestry tools are unbeatable partners when needed. We have a wide range of axes, knives, lifting hooks, breaking bars and other tools and accessories to make the simple even more perfect. All have been carefully selected to ensure that you have everything you'll need to do your work well.</p>
  • Battery Series
    <p>The Husqvarna Battery Series is built to give you all the power and intuitive design you expect and demand from a product bearing our name. They bring comfort and responsible performance to virtually any job; from occasional use, to all-day, every-day work.</p> <p>Our range of highly-efficient handheld products, driven by a powerful Li-ion battery pack, ensure that you get significantly less noise and vibrations, minimal maintenance - and no direct emissions at all. Also, you can switch batteries between machines, because Husqvarna batteries are interchangeable between all Husqvarna battery products.</p>
  • Soil & Ground
    <p>Get rid of leaves, straw, grass, cobwebs, sand, gravel - as well as the hard work. Husqvarna blowers are designed with the user in focus. Efficient and enjoyable to work with and with a range of jobs in-mind, you can be sure these blowers will handle the task effortlessly.</p> <p>Also, designed to take tough treatment, Husqvarna tillers are built to withstand intensive operation over many years. Their comfortable handle system and well-grouped controls make them easy to work with.</p>
  • Cleaning
    <p>For any cleaning around the home and garden, nature's own cleaning fluid has unexpected powers. With the new range of Husqvarna high pressure washers, you will discover that water's washing performance is hard to beat when combined with world-leading technology and engineering.</p> <p>Fresh water should always be used sparingly, and the Husqvarna pressure washer range actually uses about 80% less water to get the job done when compared to a regular hose.</p>
  • Workwear
    <p>Adapt to the season, weather and temperature. Our range of workwear takes it into consideration, as well as what type of job you are facing. Comfort and function are in focus.</p> <p>Comfortable designs, made from light, non-absorbing, wind and water repellent materials are the basic qualities of our tried and tested clothing that keeps you warm when working in cold and wet environments.</p>
  • Leisure Wear Xplorer
    <p>Show who you are, even if you're not doing any tough work at the moment. The new Husqvarna Xplorer leisure wear is designed to keep you comfortable and confident - whether you want to relax or explore, at home or outdoors.</p>
  • Fuels, Oils & Lubricants
    <p>Husqvarna's range of fuels, lubricants and filling equipment is developed to guarantee optimal efficiency and prolong the life of your Husqvarna machine.</p> <p>Our products are rigorously tested, have proven performance and verified engine formula. A wide selection is available to suit your needs.</p>

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