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Soil & Ground

Get rid of leaves, straw, grass, cobwebs, sand, gravel - as well as the hard work. Husqvarna blowers are designed with the user in focus. Efficient and enjoyable to work with and with a range of jobs in-mind, you can be sure these blowers will handle the task effortlessly.

Also, designed to take tough treatment, Husqvarna tillers are built to withstand intensive operation over many years. Their comfortable handle system and well-grouped controls make them easy to work with.

Husqvarna Soil & Ground


  • Leaf Blowers
    <p>Think about leaf blowers. The first thing that comes to mind is often the obvious - removing leaves and debris in your garden. But you can use your Leaf Blower for many other things too. In short, leaf and garden blowers are powerful tools for any kind of outdoor cleaning up.</p> <p>Finish without getting tired and worn out. Our garden leaf blowers are ergonomically designed and will take the strain away from your back and arms. The powerful, easy-start engine in combination with an effective fan gives you high air speed and high airflow.</p>
  • Tillers & Cultivators
    <p>Enjoying good growth in your garden means continual work and dedication. Occasionally you need to cultivate the soil with a tiller or cultivator to achieve the results you are striving for - whether it's a lush home garden, or thriving field of crops. Using manual tools can be backbreaking, but with petrol tillers and petrol cultivators from Husqvarna, you get the job done with minimal effort.</p> <p>Our range comprises two different models - rear-tine and front-tine. The rear-tine petrol tiller and cultivator models are designed for use on densely packed earth and lawns. The front-tine tillers and cultivators are suitable for smaller landscaping work, such as preparing flowerbeds and garden patches.</p>

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Husqvarna 125B

Husqvarna 125B Leaf Blower

Regular price £245.00 -£44.10 Price £200.90
  • -£44.10
Husqvarna 436LiB

Husqvarna 436LiB Leaf Blower

Regular price £250.00 -£35.00 Price £215.00
  • -£35.00
Husqvarna 525BX

Husqvarna 525BX Leaf Blower

Regular price £295.00 -£53.10 Price £241.90
  • -£53.10
Husqvarna 125BVx

Husqvarna 125BVx Leaf Blower

Regular price £300.00 -£54.00 Price £246.00
  • -£54.00
Husqvarna 436LiB

Husqvarna 320iB Leaf Blower

Price £299.00
Husqvarna 536LiB

Husqvarna 536LiB Leaf Blower

Regular price £350.00 -£49.00 Price £301.00
  • -£49.00
Husqvarna 540iBX

Husqvarna 540iBX Leaf Blower

Regular price £420.00 -£58.80 Price £361.20
  • -£58.80
Husqvarna 536LiB

Husqvarna 525iB Leaf Blower

Price £379.00
Husqvarna 540iBX

Husqvarna 530iBX Leaf Blower

Price £429.00
Husqvarna 350BT

Husqvarna 350BT Leaf Blower

Regular price £475.00 -£44.10 Price £430.90
  • -£44.10
Husqvarna T300RH Compact Pro

Husqvarna T300RH Compact...

Price £460.00
Husqvarna 570BTS

Husqvarna 570BTS Leaf Blower

Regular price £595.00 -£101.58 Price £493.42
  • -£101.58