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There is something for any occasion in our clothing collection, whether it be a cap, hoodie or a coat, why not express yourself by wearing something from our merchandise collection?

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Husqvarna Beanie Hat

Husqvarna Beanie Hat

Price £7.00
Husqvarna Baseball Cap

Husqvarna Baseball Cap

Price £7.90
Unisex Small Husqvarna T-Shirt

Unisex Husqvarna T-Shirt

Price £11.50
Small Husqvarna Work Shirt

Husqvarna Work Shirt

Price £27.99
Mens Small Husqvarna Cotton Polo Shirt

Mens Husqvarna Cotton Polo...

Price £28.00
Womens XS Husqvarna Cotton Polo Shirt

Womens Husqvarna Cotton...

Price £28.00
Womens Husqvarna Powerfleece

Womens Husqvarna Powerfleece

Price £42.00
Mens Small Husqvarna Powerfleece

Mens Husqvarna Powerfleece

Price £42.00
Mens Small Husqvarna Bodywarmer

Mens Husqvarna Bodywarmer

Price £49.00
Mens Small Husqvarna Hoodie

Mens Husqvarna Hoodie

Price £50.00
Mens Small Husqvarna Business Shirt

Mens Husqvarna Business Shirt

Price £60.00
Mens Husqvarna Functional Jacket

Mens Husqvarna Functional...

Price £70.00